ROAD SAFETY & CRASH INVESTIGATION Road Safety Audits Rob Morgan is one of Australia's most experienced road safety engineers and Senior Road Safety Auditors.  He has conducted well over 300 road safety audits and accident blackspot crash investigations. Rob regularly presents at road safety audit training workshops in New South Wales and Western Australia.  Over the past 15 years he has presented at workshops in all Australian states (except South Australia) and both mainland territories - plus the Australian territory of Christmas Island!  In these workshops he is usually the lead presenter.  Rob has also been invited to present at workshops in the U.K. and the U.S.A. Road safety audit is mainly about experience - reviewing others' design plans for new road projects or traffic schemes before they are built.  In this way, when experienced eyes review the details, any potential road safety problems can be identified.  The project manager is then able to get the design modified.  In this way, potential accident problems are resolved before they are built - and before they become a new accident blackspot.
To be successful, this process requires that every road safety audit team must include an experienced road safety engineer (i.e. someone who has experience in looking at accident blackspots, identifying the problems and designing effective remedial engineering treatments).  Rob Morgan has some 35 years of experience, including: Road safety audit team leader on a 200 km long freeway design project in New Brunswick, eastern Canada Safety audits of hundreds of other freeway projects, major road projects, local street projects and minor schemes at various stages of planning and design, across Australia. Principal author of the best-selling Austroads 'Road Safety Audit' guidelines (both the original 1994 edition and the major update published in 2002) Drafting the road safety auditor accreditation course notes for the Federal Office of Road Safety
Robert is highly regarded for being able to both stand back and look at broad concept issues as well as getting into the details of designs, considering not only car drivers but pedestrians, cyclists, truck drivers, public transport patrons, motorcyclists, etc.
Crash Investigation (Investigation and Treatment of 'Accident Blackspots' or 'Crash Locations')
Crash investigation goes hand-in-hand with road safety auditing.  They both call on the same skills and experience.  In the case of crash investigations, this experience is used to identify what has gone wrong after it's happened and to recommend engineering treatments which can address the problem.  There is a popular and wrongly held belief that road crashes can most easily be reduced by directly targeting road users' behaviour.  While enforcement has a role in countering aberrant behaviour, the truth is that there has been far greater success in bringing the road toll down by using engineering solutions at accident problem sites.  In some cases this involves getting rid of hazards.  In other cases it involves re-engineering the road so that drivers (or others who are having crashes) actually modify their behaviour in response to the re-engineered road environment. Rob Morgan is the principal author (in conjunction with Dr Ken Ogden and John Barnes) of the national guidelines on how to investigate and treat accident blackspots.  This is Austroads' Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice, Part 4 Treatment of Crash Locations (2002).  This step-by-step guide provides practitioners with the information they need to deal with accident blackspots.  In conjunction with the ARRB Group, Rob has presented training workshops on this guide across Australia and New Zealand. His crash investigation experience includes New Zealand and most Australian states and territories