B.Eng.(Civil), M.Eng.Sc.(Transport)
F.I.T.E., F.I.P.W.E.A., M.A.I.T.P.M., A.R.P.S.
Rob Morgan.
- the Traffic Engineer & Road Safety Engineer
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Rob Morgan is one of Australia's most experienced traffic engineers and road safety engineers.  He has been working continuously in the fields of traffic engineering, road safety engineering and transport planning since 1973.  His experience includes consulting, local government (9 years with City of St Kilda in Melbourne through the 1980s) and working with Milton Keynes New Town Development Corporation in the U.K. for 3 years in the late 1970s.

Since January 1993, Rob has operated his own one-man consultancy, based in Surrey Hills (a suburb of Melbourne).  These days he is more involved with the road safety side of engineering.  He is the principal author of a number of national and state standards and guidelines and is invited to present at training workshops across Australia.